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It was silly though... why?

I think it's awesome. The syncing was great, the voice acting was great, everything was great, IMO. Nice work, bro.

Politically Incorrect!

I protest the portrayal of dinosaurs in this Flash movi-- AAAGGHH!!1


What is this I don't even!

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Great! ...but flawed.

I haven't been able to get any farther than Cerulean Pt. 1 because of the horrendous change in difficulty at Cerulean. Otherwise, it would be a perfect game. The secret I've found to beating Misty the first time is to simply catch a Pikachu or two at the Deep Viridian stage leveling it up to lvl. 18 and using it's newly learned Electro Ball OR if you only have one Pikachu teach it Thunder via TM and if so put that Pikachu in the center and simply surround it by brute force Pokemon as opposed to wasting your time bringing down their stats. If you can't kill it in a few hits it's already over... they move way too fast. Simply accept the fact that you won't be killing the Starmies because, for whatever reason, they seem to exceed the speed of light so just let them have your candy. It's the Halloween season after all.


It's alright, but certainly not perfect. Though, it is a very good attempt at a decent chatroom and it perfoms as any decent chatroom should. There are a couple of bugs that should be mentioned though, when a user leaves the room the scroll bar set it's self to 0 (the top) which is very annoying. The tank logo and white text needs to be redesigned... it's very hard on the eyes. Overall it does what it's supposed to and little more...it's alright.


Fun, would have been better with more sounds and the ability to test the sound by clicking on it's name. The thing has to play all the way around before playing what you've set and the red square isn't in sync, unfortunately. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this gadget. Thanks for making it. :)

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Interesting composition, Mark. I'd love to see the sheet music for it. :P


Hmm, I wish more music like this was being made these days. A very pleasant adventure for the ears, thank you kindly.

durn responds:

Any time, dude. I always love an adventure!


That shit is pure ear gravy. Awesome.

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Cash Crop

Print this out on canvas and I'll hang it on my wall. Very cool.

Hey! My name is Jacob and I'm a developer! In addition to being a programmer I'm also an avid artist and musician. Thank you for visiting my profile.

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